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Upload a list with phrases and create your personal audio file

Audio Lengua offers text to audio conversion for personalized language learning

Audio Lengua allows you to convert your vocabulary lists into an audio file that you can listen to on the go.
Simply provide a file with translated sentences or words. Audio Lengua will create an audio file that reads out
the sentences in each language and adds pauses so you can repeat them out loud.

Here is an example of input and generated audio for an English to German language pair.

CSV-File input

Audio Output

Seventeen supported languages

Audio Lengua currently supports seventeen languages for text to audio conversion and is continuously adding new languages to the pool.

Natural sounding voices

Audio Lengua uses the latest advancements in natural voice synthesis to offer you high quality transcripts.

Easy to use

All you need to get started is a two column list with the language pairs of vocabulary or phrases you want to learn. Save the list as a CSV-file (e.g. from Excel as .csv) and upload it to Audio Lengua.

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